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Warrens Cranberry Festival

Resource for information about the Warrens Cranberry Festival and the Cranberry Industry.

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Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association

cranberry facts

  • The first Cranberry marsh in Wisconsin dates back to the 1830's!  Before we even became  a State!

  • On April 5, 2004, Governor Doyle signed a bill naming the cranberry Wisconsin's state fruit.

  • The cranberry has a large impact on Wisconsin's economy. Wisconsin's top fruit crop provides about 7,200 jobs and contributes approximately $330 million to the state's economy.

  • Various types of wildlife can be found on cranberry marshes, including Blue Herons, Trumpeter Swans, Sand Hill Cranes, Fox, Deer, Geese, Wolves, Bears, Eagles, Osprey, Loons and more.

  • Cranberry marshes help control erosion, filter water, slow the runoff of heavy rains and replenish underground aquifers.

  • Studies demonstrate cranberry juice helps protect urinary tract health. The National Kidney Foundation recommends one 8-oz. glass of cranberry juice each day to support good kidney health.

  • Cranberry juice also contains antioxidants and other compounds, which may help prevent Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer.

official 2024 button

Warrens Cranberry Festival
  • 2025 Button Design Design the official button for our 2025 Festival. Deadline has passed for 2024, rules will be available February 2025

Rules & Registration

BEAUTIFICATION grant program

In appreciation and recognition of the donated use of resident's property during our Annual Festival, there is a $100 Beautification Program for the residents.  

The money can be used for (suggestions):

  • Landscaping improvements

  • Fire/Houses Number Plaque

  • Enclosed garbage, propane tank areas

  • Paint/siding

  • Shutters

  • Roof

Available after June 1st

commercial Buses

Commercial Bus Trips are very popular with visitors attend our Festival.

We coordinate the travel arrangements with bus companies on arrivals, parking, and departures.


  • "Be Our Guest" - Shoppers are encouraged to create a theme and look for their group when they shop at the Festival.

Available after July 1st

  • Biggest Berry - See who had grow the largest cranberry


Available after July 1st

  • Marsh Medallion Hunt - Follow the clues to find the medallion.


Available after July 1st


  • Photography Contest -  Photographers can showcase their talents in a variety of categories.


Available at a later date

Rules & Registration
  • Scarecrow Contest -  Design a scarecrow that will be on display at the Festival as you travel down the streets.


Available after July 1st

festival information

  • "Cookbook" - Get your official Warrens Cranberry Festival cookbook.  We have many years of cookbooks along with a 50th Anniversary compilation of the past years recipes as well.​​



  • Marching Band & Drill Teams

  • Royalty

  • General​​

Scholarship program

Each year 4 students each receive $500 scholarships for their secondary education.

Deadline each year is on March.



  • Arts & Crafts

  • Flea Market

  • Farmers Market

  • Food​​


  • Festival Map

  • Lodging & Camping Locations​​


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