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Flea Market registration

Warrens Cranberry Festival
Warrens Cranberry Festival


  • September 27-29, 2024 (Rain or Shine! No rain date)

  • Location:  Warrens, Wisconsin - 8 miles north of Tomah take I-94 to the Warrens Exit #135

  • 7:00 AM 5:00 PM - All Three Days

  • Registered Vendors must be open and staffed during the fest hours.  Artists are welcome to stay open beyond 5:00 pm until the crowd disperses. Streets will not be opened until deemed safe by authorities.

  • July 1 - Deadline for all returning exhibitors to reserve their same booth space. We will still take applications until filled.  



  • Jan. 17 - July 1 - Application Deadline - $15.00 a frontage foot of selling space.

  • July 2 - Sept 27 - $20.00 a frontage foot of selling space.

  • Sept. 1 - Booth Assignments & Info sent to Exhibitors


  • Most spaces have a minimum depth of 20 ft. - 8 ft. for vehicle, and 10 ft. for canopy.  Vehicles parked in your rented space will not be able to get out nightly and will need to park in vendor parking area in the red balloon lot.

  • Vehicles park bumper-to-bumper and back-to-back - allow room for your bumper and trailer hitch to park when ordering space.

  • Trailers including the tongue and awning must fit in your space - no exceptions!  Please purchase the proper size.

  • You are required to stay entirely within your rented space.  Booths includes space only.  

  • Exhibitors must​ stay all 3 days. If you leave/pack early, you will not be invited back!  This will be enforced.  You must stay open until 5:00pm each day.  Booths cannot open late or close early at any time.

  • Exhibitors must provide their own display materials - screens, chairs, tent, tables, etc.

  • Exhibitors should be prepared for inclement weather - rain covers, tie-downs & weights.


*You must have a Wisconsin Sellers Permit to be a Vendor at the festival.


Make check payable to:

Warrens Cranberry Festival
Mail to:

Warrens Cranberry Festival Inc,
Vendor Application-Flea Market
P.O. 146, Warrens, WI 54666


We reserve the right to accept or reject any booth or merchandise.

You will be notified that you have been accepted to participate in our show by email. If you downloaded the application and mailed it in.  Send a Self-Addressed
Stamped Envelope if you would like a written acceptance notice and your pictures returned.
Your cancelled check is your receipt.

Booth Spaces

  • Warrens Cranberry Festival does not supply electricity.

  • No gas generators are allowed during show hours.  Generators will be allowed before 7am and after 6pm.

  • Camping is allowed in your space in the back of booth only.

  • All items must show good taste and be family appropriate.  NO illegal merchandise is allowed.  No political merchandise is allowed.

  • An accepted application is a commitment to participate in the event.  NO refunds on cancellation for any reason.

Vendor Responsibilities

Displays - Provide your own display or set-up equipment, such as tables, chairs, or tents. Any color tents are acceptable.

You are required to stay entirely within your rented booth space - no awnings or tie down ropes beyond your rented space.

You are responsible for collecting & paying state/county sales tax -   5.5% (Monroe County).

  • Responsible for their own applicable sales tax according to state and federal laws.

  • Contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue office with questions or to obtain a permit at 1-608-266-2776.

  • You must fill out Part C Vendor Information form on page 3 before you are accepted to the show.


Responsible for your proper insurance and protection within your rented area.

  • A Certificate of insurance which provides proof of general business liability insurance in minimal amount of $1,000,000 is required by all vendors accepted in the show by September 1st.

  • Your name from your application must be on this certificate and the dates of the 2024 Festival must be
    covered. We need a personal name included if you are using a business name.

  • You MUST list the Warrens Cranberry Festival as additional insured.

  • ​If you are a new artist, you may wait until acceptance to acquire insurance.
    An insurance company used by many artists is Veracity Insurance (844) 520-6991 or go to

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