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Warrens Cranberry Festival

Sunday -- 1:00 pm | Arrive Time -- 10:00am

The band judges are affiliated with WSMA and are experienced in marching band adjudication. 

We have taken advice from WSMA to develop criteria and score sheets that will give you a comprehensive view of your performance.

  • High School Bands will be competing based on enrollment, which will be determine class division (MS, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A).  You will be informed of your class and the bands you will be competing against in your final paperwork.  This will ensure that each band is judged fairly and effectively.

  • There is a separate category for middle school bands & drill teams.

  • The three (3) categories being critiqued are:

 1) Music Execution & Interpretation

2) Marching

3) General Appearance & Audience Appeal

  • Each judge will be responsible for judging only one (1) of the three (3) categories.

  • NO STOPPING IN FRONT OF THE JUDGE REVIEW STAND - stopping means DISQUALIFICATION.  A dramatic pause is acceptable if part of the routine.

  • All parade entries are required to show proof of liability insurance.  A copy MUST be received by August 25, 2024.

  • All awards and judging sheets will be handed out at the Reviewing Stand on Main Street, after the parade - approximately 3:00pm-3:30pm.

  • If you are unable to pick up the judging critique sheets after the parade has ended, your sheets and final results will be mailed approximately 15-30 days after the parade.

  • Due to some parking issues, we are requiring that you include your driver's cell phone number for your buses and accompanying vehicle.

  • Due to the congestion in the parking area, all support and additional vehicles per parade unit are limited.  Each band may have only one (1) additional vehicle; and you MUST be pre-approved to park and/or be in the parade.

  • Bands are asked to stop and perform at the Fire Station  after the parade, which is the last building on the parade route.  A special award will be judged by the Town of Lincoln Fire Department.

  • Bands should not walk the parade route after they have marched in the parade.  Be respectful of other parade participants.  If you do not follow this rule, it will change the results of your band's judged performance.

  • Please register by August 25, 2024 to ensure your entry is accepted.  Any entries received after the deadline will need to be reviewed by the Parade Committee for approval.

  • Your line-up number and details will be sent out about 15 days before the parade.

  • If you have any questions, please contact the Warrens Cranberry Festival Office at 608-378-4200 or email -  Contact person is Debbie Popp.

The Warrens Cranberry Festival will pay a stipend to participating bands.  Checks will be mailed out 15-30 days after the Festival.  Stipends will be based on the following criteria.

Distance Traveled 1-way

5 - 25 Miles

26 - 50 Miles

51 - 75 Miles

76 - 100 Miles

Stipend Based on Miles (1-way)





Additional Amount Per Student Attending Parade

Middle School pay - $1.50 | High School Pay - $2.50

Middle School pay - $1.50 | High School Pay - $2.50

Middle School pay - $1.50 | High School Pay - $2.50

Middle School pay - $1.50 | High School Pay - $2.50

Marching Band | Drill Team Entry

Parking stickers will be sent with your final paperwork.  Must have approval to park and/or drive in the parade.

Upload Insurance File

Thanks for your Parade Entry. We will follow up with details & instructions.

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