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Warrens Cranberry Festival

In appreciation and recognition of the donated use of your Warrens property during the annual Festival we are donating up to $100 per property. This is available to property owners within the Festival Area of the Village, to be used to help offset the cost of exterior beautification of their property.


The money may be used for any of the following:

  • Landscaping improvements

  • Fire/House number plaques

  • Enclosed garbage/propane tank areas

  • Paint/siding

  • Shutters

  • Roofs

Note: These are only suggestions


Every property owner, (including primary owners, rental units and businesses) in the *Festival defined area of the Village of Warrens may obtain these funds by bringing copies of the receipts, before September 1, 2024 to the Cranberry Festival Office.


You will then be reimbursed for cost of the materials or items, excluding labor, after approval.


If you are the owner of more than one piece of property, you may receive the money for each property you own as long as the money is used on each property. For example, if you own two properties you are eligible for $100 per property ($200), but the money must be used on each property. You cannot use $200 on one property and nothing on the other.


Festival defined area of the Village of Warrens: The Festival area is further defined from Hayes Street to Oakwood Street, to the Warren Mill Cemetery, to Universal Forest Products, RR Street, to Gamble street to the corner of County O & EW on the NE Corner of the Village.

Beautification Grant

Fill out form and bring with your receipts to the Cranfest office

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