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What makes our Festival so popular is the wide variety of Events we offer over the three-day Weekend!

The "shopoholic" will love walking up and down the streets and seeing all the unique and creative items that are for sale.  The contests and marsh tours always draw great crowds.  Our royalty is very busy all weekend welcoming guests.  There is PLENTY of food for everyone on the grounds!



  • We feature over three miles of shopping and over 1,300 booths!

42 - 2014 Parade - Wisconsin National Gu


  • Parade starts at 1 p.m. on Sunday



  • There are many contests for all ages to compete in each year!

"Cranfest for me is a time to get together with some very wonderful friends, to relax, to regroup, and be refreshed.  It's quality time with some of my best friends in the world, and I cherish my time spent with them.  The shopping is unbelievable!  You can find the most unique things there, reasonably priced and wonderful gifts.  The town of Warrens is very clean and super friendly and I truly enjoy my time there and look forward to every year! -- C. Cassil - Belton, MO

2013 Cranberry Marsh Tours - each Marsh

Marsh Tours

  • We are offering Walking Tours on a neighboring cranberry marsh right here in Warrens. 



  • We are so proud of our Royalty as they are fantastic ambassadors for our Festival & the area throughout the year!

Fry Pan.JPG


  • We have such a wide variety of tasty treats that will definitely tempt your taste buds!

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