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About Us

Many people know that Warrens Cranberry Festival is the world's largest festival
What many don't know is that the Festival is a nonprofit organization that solely benefits the community of Warrens.

Board of Directors


Deanna Donaldson

Vice President

Randy Murdock


Danita Murdock


Carolyn Habelman

Board Members

Brian Knoepker

Stephanie Knoepker

Amy Krultz

Tom Popp

Mickey Rezin

Vicki Myer


Advisory Board

June Potter

Nodji Van Wychen


Office Staff

​Kim Schroeder - General Manager

​Debbie Popp - Office Assistant

402 Pine Street
Warrens, WI 54666

Phone: 608-378-4200
Fax: 608-378-4250


Our mission is to "Promote the common good and general welfare of the community of Warrens, including holding an annual festival and raising funds to be used exclusively for civic betterments and social improvements in the Warrens community."

​Warrens Cranberry Festival has given over $2 million in donations which have benefited several community organizations, including area schools, the local fire department and the Warrens Lions Club. The Festival also has its own Scholarship Fund for college students.  To receive donations, each group must fill out a donation request form that is reviewed by our Board of Directors, as well as, our Membership.  If your group or organization is in need, fill out a donation request form and return it to the Warrens Cranberry Festival Office.

In addition to benefiting the community of Warrens, the Festival also benefits the Monroe County area.  During the Festival each year, area hotels, campgrounds, restaurants and gas stations are filled with thousands of customers. This economic boost totals in excess of $4 million in revenue to Monroe County each year.

If you would like to help Warrens Cranberry Festival achieve its mission, think about volunteering your time to the Festival, or even Sponsor one of our events.  Donations to the Festival are also accepted.  See our "Get Involved" page for more information.

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