vendor parking

The Red Balloon parking field (see Festival Map) is the only place designated for vendors to park. This is free parking to vendors. 


  • Many of the Village residents offer paid parking in their yards or driveways that would be closer to your booth area.

  • The Warrens Cranberry Festival has limited paid trailer parking available for vendors near the Art/Craft area.  Please inquire with the Festival Office if that is of interest to you.


  • It is your responsibility to make arrangements for parking of your vehicle and trailer.



  • When unloading merchandise from your trailer during set up, we ask that you unload quickly and move your vehicle. Set up is a busy time for everyone.


  • ​Please do not block any streets and/or walkways.  We need to work together so that everyone can get their booths set up.

  • Please be mindful of set up times listed on your contract. Times vary for different areas.

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